I'm Daria Diache!

Ambitious, Provocative, Impatient, Sensitive

My mission is to empower girls and women, showing them that they hold the key to making their dreams a reality. Together, we can rise above challenges. If I can achieve my goals, so can you; this journey is not about me alone. It's about discovering the greatness within yourself and unleashing your full potential.
For those seeking a better life and yearning to create positive change, know that you are not alone. Just like me, you carry dreams and desires, along with insecurities and pain. Embracing our strengths and embracing our weaknesses is the path to growth and a better future.


My most recent booking - a supporting role in the feature film HIGH TIDE starring Andrew Keegan, a lead role in OKSANA, a True Story about the murder of Oksana Makar, and a principal role in Carl's Jr. commercial.You can also view clips from my previous work below.

Passion and Growth:

- Producer of 7 short films, Director of 2.
- Film festival accolades and feature film in production.
- Enrolled in ongoing acting class, refining my craft.
- Thrive on set, passionate in any role I undertake.
- Committed to constant growth and improvement.
- Harnessing the transformative power of storytelling.
- Eager to radiate brilliance in all creative pursuits.


1. Embrace My Uniqueness: As a woman and an actress, I celebrate my uniqueness, my accent, and my diverse background. I refuse to conform to stereotypes and let my authentic self shine through in every role I undertake.2. Be Bold and Fearless: I am unapologetically bold and fearless in my pursuit of excellence. I take on challenging roles with enthusiasm, pushing my boundaries and defying expectations.3. Passionately Pursue Knowledge: My thirst for knowledge is unquenchable. I seek wisdom in books on spirituality, personal development, and the mysteries of the universe, channeling this wisdom into my life and craft.4. Embrace Empowering Roles: I am not confined to clichés or one-dimensional characters. I embrace diverse roles that empower and inspire.5. Find Beauty in Strength: My strong facial features and captivating eyes reflect my inner strength and determination. I challenge conventional beauty standards and redefine what it means to be beautiful.6. Advocate Sustainability and Compassion: I advocate for sustainable clothing, organic food, and animal welfare. I detest cruelty in all its forms and I promote positivity and compassion.7. Strive for Limitless Growth: My journey as an actor is intertwined with a relentless pursuit of personal growth. I strive to better myself in mind, body, and spirit, aiming to be the best version of myself.8. Draw Inspiration from Icons: I draw inspiration from iconic actresses like Sharon Stone, viola davis, EMMY ADAMS, and Lady Gaga. Their work ethic, energy, and mindset inspire me to elevate my craft to new heights.9. Defy Adversity: I am fueled by the naysayers and those who doubted my abilities. I channel this energy into proving them wrong, rising above challenges, and celebrating my victories.10. Envision Cinematic Stardom: My dreams extend beyond the ordinary; I envision myself gracing big movie theatre screens as a star that captivates audiences worldwide.11. Thrive in Joyful Collaboration: I thrive in a collaborative and positive work environment. I connect with industry professionals and actors who share my passion for growth and creativity.12. Celebrate the Essence of Life: My journey is a celebration of life, success, and my achievements as a woman and an actress. I celebrate each milestone and use my success to inspire others to reach for the stars.

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